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Tegan and Sara portrait

Tegan and Sara

Indie-pop duo Tegan and Sara have won the ears and hearts of fans around the world in a career that spans 22 years and nine studio albums. Identical twins and lifelong musical collaborators, Tegan and Sara Quin fuse emotionally acute lyrics with indelible melodies. Their most recent album, Hey, I’m Just Like You (2019), is a companion piece to the book High School, a joint coming-of-age memoir.

Brittany Howard portrait

Brittany Howard

Brittany Howard rose to fame as the leader of Alabama Shakes and with her 2019 album Jaime she stepped forward as a solo artist. A powerful singer and fiery guitarist, Howard rivets audiences with a wide-ranging songbook that merges the intimacy of soul with the crunch of rock, putting her at the forefront of a new generation of roots-inspired musicians.

Poliça portrait


Based in Minneapolis, Poliça make rock music with an orchestral sweep and an electronic edge. With singer-songwriter Channy Leaneagh out front and producer Ryan Olson shaping the soundscape of the multidrummer group, Poliça have just released When We Stay Alive, “an album that courses with the same energy as their most exciting live shows,” says The Current’s Andrea Swensson.

Joseph portrait


Natalie Schepman and her sisters Allison and Meegan Closner are Joseph, a trio who spontaneously decided to name their band after a town in their native Oregon. With confident lyrics and sweet harmonies soaring over nimble guitars and insistent rhythms, their sophomore album Good Luck, Kid builds on the success of their breakout debut, I’m Alone, No You’re Not.

Jay Som portrait

Jay Som

When music fans call Jay Som a “bedroom pop” artist, they mean it literally: she launched her career with self-released tracks from her California bedroom studio. Swirling and sparking but grounded in her affecting voice, Jay Som’s lauded releases include, most recently, 2019’s Anak Ko.

Altin Gün portrait

Altin Gün

Altin Gün will make you a true believer in the power of Turkish funk. An Amsterdam-based band whose members come from diverse backgrounds, Altin Gün take beloved Turkish songs and transform them with an adventurous, high-octane mix of wah-wah guitars and bootylicious bass. Their 2019 album Gece was a Grammy nominee for Best World Music Album.

Dua Saleh portrait

Dua Saleh

“Hi,” tweeted hip-hop artist Dua Saleh this winter. “I’m a Sudani non-binary artist based in Minneapolis. Here’s a song called ‘Sugar Mama’ that I self-produced on my phone.” That sublimely sexy slow jam appears on Nūr, a 2019 EP that Pitchfork called “sophisticated, warm but industrial” while praising Saleh’s “uncommonly intense” live performances.

Gully Boys portrait

Gully Boys

Gully Boys are a fiercely distinctive indie band that have taken the Minnesota music scene by storm. In 2018 they won City Pages Picked to Click, a prediction that’s proved entirely accurate as crowds scream out for the forceful but melodic sound the group describes as “punk’d rock.”

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